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Regular Entries (CLOSING Monday, March 19, 2018 at 9PM EDT or when FULL! NO LATE PAGES!)

3 Entries, same owner, 2 double spaces - $225 $
1 Entry, 1 double space- $99 $
2 Entries, 1 double space - $150 $
4+ Additional Entries, single space each- $70 $
ALL ONE-DAY ENTRIES, single space- $60 $
Junior Exhibitor Entries, double space, ONE per JE at this rate- $70 $

Show Services

Extra 1/2 Cage- $25 $
Grooming Space/Sales Cage (Double) - $45 $
End of Row (no charge for disabled exhibitors)- $20 $
Ring Sponsorship – $50 $
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Catalog Advertising

Full Page Ad- $45 $
Half Page Ad- $25 $
Quarter Page Ad- $15 $
Business Card Ad- $8 $
Donation to Tabby Tales (Thank You!!) $
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Note:  Payment at the door must be with PRIOR APPROVAL OF THE ENTRY CLERK and must be in CASH.
We will call collect (if necessary) to clear up any questions regarding your entry.
A fee of $30 will be charged on all checks returned for any reason.
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