TICA Mid Atlantic Region
Top 20 Cats

Best Longhair Cat

SGC Kabobmemry Duncan Mac Leod

Rebecca Brown & Robin Stinson

2nd Best Longhair Cat

SGC Kaaekrest Fullfillment of KabobKats

Rebecca Brown

  3rd BEST CAT
Best Shorthair Cat

SGC Sol-Mer Tyler Moore

Alan Champion & Richard J Ketz, Jr

  4th BEST CAT
3rd Best Longhair Cat

SGC Mainette Apollo

D'Nette & Dave Musser


2nd Best Shorthair Cat

SGC Gogees Jafar of Windstorm

Terri Pattison

  6th BEST CAT
3rd Best Shorthair Cat

SGC Berryhille's Charlie Brownie

Mary Lynn Krause

  7th BEST CAT
4th Best Longhair Cat

CPRags Rocket Man

Charles & Patricia Myers

  8th BEST CAT
5th Best Longhair Cat

SGC Britches Kennebago of MtKittery

Barbara R Washburn

  9th BEST CAT
6th Best Longhair Cat

SGC Sejumay's Remington Steele

Deborah J Kenny

  10th BEST CAT
4th Best Shorthair Cat

SGC Jataimekits Desperado of Windstorm

Terri Pattison

  11th BEST CAT
5th Best Shorthair Cat

SGC Bengaland's Wolfgang Mozart

Lori Ann, Hugh A & Peggy Price

  12th BEST CAT
7th Best Longhair Cat

RW SGC Dorwill Squire

Doris M Blakeley

  13th BEST CAT
6th Best Shorthair Cat

SGC Bengaland's Pawblo Picasso

Lori Ann, Hugh A & Peggy Price

  14th BEST CAT
8th Best Longhair Cat

SGC Mainette New Moose Revue

D'Nette & Dave Musser

  15th BEST CAT
9th Best Longhair Cat

QGC Duman's Jaipur

Debra E & John W Dudley

  16th BEST CAT
10th Best Longhair Cat

SGC Dorwill Raisin Kaine of Coonalley

Elaine Magee

  17th BEST CAT
7th Best Shorthair Cat

SGC Oaktree Cleopatra of Moonglo

Kelly Ann Morris


11th Best Longhair Cat

RW SGC Epona Biarki
Linda Stebner

  19th BEST CAT
8th Best Shorthair Cat

SGC Wimsi's Tyler Cogsworth

William Austin

  20th BEST CAT
12th Best Longhair Cat

QGC Berryhille Remingtn of Purrsnickety

Louise Panfile

Top 20 Longhair Cats

  13th Best Longhair Cat
Fireside Sir Lancurlot of Medieval

Connie Harvey

  14th Best Longhair Cat
SGC Coonalley Lollapalooza

Elaine Magee

  15th Best Longhair Cat
QGC Duman's Be Be Babek

Debra E & John W Dudley

  16th Best Longhair Cat
Best Balinese

Mar-Low's Hal E Looya

Margaret Lowther

  17th Best Longhair Cat
Berryhille's Lady Schiaparelli

Marcia Crook & Mary Lynn Krause

  18th Best Longhair Cat
CH Coonpulsive's Coos Bay

Pat Koehler & Shirley Young

  19th Best Longhair Cat
SGC CPRags Born to Run

Charles & Patricia Myers

  20th Best Longhair Cat
TGC Redrose Sebastian of Herneshill

Nansi Alexander & Nancy Arena

Top 20 Shorthair Cats

  9th Best Shorthair Cat
Abyroad's Leadbelly

Patricia Price

  10th Best Shorthair Cat
SGC Walnuthollow's Maxamillion Mercedes

Barbara Kissinger

  11th Best Shorthair Cat
RW SGC Bengapalace Tsavos Last Profecy

Anthony Hutcherson

  12th Best Shorthair Cat
QGC Windstorm Legacy of Gold

Terri Pattison

  13th Best Shorthair Cat
RW SGC Voo Doo Manx Alot

Char-Ann Meloney

  14th Best Shorthair Cat
QGC Bengaland's Priceless Black Opal

Lori Ann, Hugh A & Peggy Price

  15th Best Shorthair Cat
Mar-Low's High Fieve L

Margaret Lowther

  16th Best Shorthair Cat
GRC Pyramid's Malik Al Gazi

Barbara Ann Naame

  17th Best Shorthair Cat
TGC Wimsi's Princess Aurora

William Austin

  18th Best Shorthair Cat
DGC Bastian Princess Leia of Asgardkatt

Jay & Sharon Jacko, Dorothy Nelson

  19th Best Shorthair Cat
QGC Tuckaway The Renegade

Judy Ball

  20th Best Shorthair Cat
TGC Catzajammin Kit Creole

Theodore, Alex & Veronique Valliere