On this page you will find news and notes from the Mid Atlantic Regional Director.

Regional Meetings
Date Show Minutes/Notes
1/8/2017 Central Jersey Minutes
1/29/2017 PACE Minutes from Winter Board Meeting in Portland
4/22/2017 Lehigh Valley Regional Director Listening Session, featuring sweet treats for sale to benefit Jersey State Animal Rescue of TICA Mid-Atlantic Region
4/23/2017 Lehigh Valley


6/5/2018   MA Regional Spring Newsletter, featuring stories on recent and upcoming events



Proposals to be discussed at the 2018 Annual

Mid Atlantic Survey & SWOT

Click here for the results of the April 2017 Mid Atlantic regional member survey. Of the 360 members, 38 responded. These are graphs showing the responses to questions about the region itself, the role of the RD, etc. There were also questions about the strengths and weaknesses of, opportunities for, and threats to the MA region. Here are the written responses.