Celebrity Cat Meet & Greet in Lancaster

by Gwyneth Hayes
Photos by Samantha McConnell

On Friday July 5th several members of Christmas City Cat Club and I believe Karousel Kats, came together for a celebrity cat meet and greet at the First Friday Lancaster event. Christina Baumer had somehow gotten this together!

We had several different breeds of cats available free to the public to get their hands on. Some of the breeds included : Maine Coon, Scottish Fold, Sphynx, American Bobtail, and Oriental Shorthair. The event was set for 6-8 pm at the Ware Center on Prince Street. To say we were inundated is an understatement! We set a record!!! Over 2,500 people that came through the doors.

Many people were excited to meet the different breeds because of an article that hit the newspaper two days prior to the event. And many were drawn by the last two cats that were mentioned in the article. Therapy Cats.

I personally brought my two certified therapy cats Bear and Achilles to the event. Bear is an American Bobtail that has shown in TICA since he was rescued in 2008, and Achilles is my handi-capable Abyssinian. They are both are certified through the American Red Cross as Animal Assisted Therapy pets. They thrived on the crowds, not batting an eye or a paw. (Even when we were 10 deep in people surrounding our table and people were just trying to catch a glimpse.)

Achilles was incredible, he saw a man in a wheelchair that was a bilateral amputee and made a beeline for him. Why? Well Achilles, as his name suggests, is incredible, he himself is a double amputee. He is drawn to people that are injured. The gentleman was taken aback and did not think that cats could be that self aware. It was truly touching. 

This was a great event for people to come and see that we are not all crazy cat ladies (and men!!). Who knows maybe this will increase gate at a show!?