TICA Mid Atlantic Region
Top Household Pets

IW SGM Soffiee

Linda Swierczynski

Congratulations from Kathy Keeley

2nd Best HHP
LA SGM Black Pearl of RugRunners

Karen & Charles Buscavage, Sherri McConnell

Congrats!!!!!! from Monica & Doug Mousley

3rd Best HHP
IW SGM Luv Bugs A BundleOfJoy

Doug & Monica Mousley

Congratulations, you showed your kitty to perfection. Hugs, Connie Webb

4th Best HHP
IW SGM Santiago Seis Dedos

Staci Maiers

Congrats!!!!!! from Monica & Doug Mousley

5th Best HHP
IW SGM Michael

Jane Handelsman

Congratulations from Cathy Luckstone

6th Best HHP
IW SGM Kirbys Making A Difference

Doug & Monica Mousley

Congratulations from Staci Maiers

7th Best HHP
RW SGM Madame Machete of RugRunners

Karen & Charles Buscavage, Sherri McConnell

Congratulations to the Best Tortie HHP from Marbleglen Torties and Exotics in Memory RW SGM Sasha of Marbleglen

8th Best HHP
IW SGM Lily No Bare of Destynys

Kathy Keeley & Emily Greene

Love you, Lily! Congratulations! -Linda

9th Best HHP
RW SGM Cocoa Marbles of Marbleglen

Elaine and David Zalewski

Congratulations Marbles from your Sister One Eyed Callie of Marbleglen

10th Best HHP
IW ChaCha Chaem Choi

Staci Maiers

Congrats!!!!!! from Monica & Doug Mousley

11th Best HHP
IW SGM Dahlia

Shelly & Sandra & Shauna McAllister

12th Best HHP
RW SGM Sugar Cookie of Tremethick

Bonnie Pearson

Congratulations from Lydia Chapman

13th Best HHP
IW TGM Fiona

Linda Swierczynski

Congratulations, beautiful girl! StarAngel

14th Best HHP
RW SGM Ciggy Buttz

Karen & Chuck Buscavage, Sherri McConnell

Congratulations from Kathryn Tipton

15th Best HHP
RW QGM Fate Would Have It

Gwyneth Hayes

16th Best HHP
RW Autumn Baby Bell of RugRunners

Samantha and Sherri McConnell

Congratulations Samantha and Autumn from your friends Shana and Connor!

17th Best HHP
LA SGM Red Rocket Express

Catherine Luckstone

Congrats Rocky! Cat and Jon G

18th Best HHP
RW Jack Frost of RugRunners

Samantha & Sherri McConnell

19th Best HHP
RW Work Release

Ekaterina McKenzie

Sponsored by the North Carolina Womens Detention Center

20th Best HHP
IW Holy Toledo Look At Those Feet

Marylou Golden

Congratulations from Cathy Luckstone